The hottest SOS sauce launches new packaging

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S. O.S sauce launches new packaging

tamer koselli, a talented Turkish designer who slowly releases oil after young righting his position, suggested that the idea of brilliant sauce packaging to avoid loss is fresh and unique - skill training (sauce) closed series. I'm tired of sauce packets from all over Turkey. I want to create more fun and sustainable packaging solutions. I designed a toy with a baby mouth pacifier where the form of sauce is closed, tame commented on his fresh and rustic design works

tamer Coselli was born in courtepin, Switzerland in 1985. Since 1994, he has been living in Turkey. He works as a freelance designer and is tough and corrosion-resistant

s.o.s. toy packaging series include: Archie SOS rescue center = spicy sauce; Angry guy barbeku= barbecue sauce; Ketcap= tomato sauce, ketcap = curry sauce; Indian guy mayonez= mayonnaise; Mrs. lettuce head

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