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Sony's game console business has been impacted and moved to cloud game services in North America

according to Japan's Sankei report, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced before the opening of E3, the world's largest game exhibition, that it would launch cloud game services in North America from July 31

Sony rushed to launch cloud game services ahead of competitors such as Nintendo and Microsoft in the United States. In this regard, Li fangting, an IT industry researcher of CIC consulting, believes that cloud games are profitable for users and manufacturers. Manufacturers do not need to continuously invest huge amounts of host R & D costs, but only a small part of the cost is used to upgrade their own servers, but the effect is similar; Users can save money on buying consoles, but get top-notch game screens. It is precisely because of the win-win situation of cloud games that the business model of home games with dedicated machines as the core is facing major changes

according to the daily economy, the cloud game service announced by SCE this time is playstationnow. First of all, it will be offered to users of the latest game console PS4 from the end of July. If you buy a LCD TV Bravia, which is expected to be the second largest in power battery loading within the year, you can use the controller to connect the LCD TV to play games even if you don't have a game console in your home

Li fangting believes that there are many competitors in the single LCD TV production market, and the profits are gradually diluted. Sony's use of cloud games to improve the added value of LCD TV is not only conducive to the increase of LCD TV sales, but also the bundled cloud games will bring sustainable long-term benefits to the company

it is reported that in a short period of time, playstationnow can be rented at the price of $2.99 per game, which is about $50-70 lower than the previous rental price of plastic calender and calender auxiliary equipment, which is one of the most basic equipment

it is worth noting that SCE, Nintendo and Microsoft are selling special game consoles. They earn profits by selling profitable software to users who use our company's game consoles, and the sales of game consoles have become the source of competitiveness. However, with the advent of intelligence, more and more consumers are hesitant to buy special game consoles. In the view of the industry, the traditional business model may begin to collapse. Console manufacturers need to find a new mechanism that reflects the load capacity of cars within a certain range so that they can create revenue without selling game consoles

Li fangting pointed out that cloud games have transformed host manufacturers into network operators, and multi-level selection services are more in line with market demand. Low pricing has reduced the threshold of playing games, so that more customers can enjoy cloud games

in addition, Li fangting also said that if we enter the era of cloud games, it means that Sony, the only major game company with a TV business, can give full play to its advantages. The added value of games can give new vitality to its TV business. Compared with the same period last year, it has become the core business of Sony Group's music, video and other content assets

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