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Sony launched a cool silver Walkman NW

Sony launched a walkman with a new Memory Stick Duo - nw-ms70d, which supports atrac3plus encoding/decoding technology and can provide a higher compression ratio

nw-ms70d size is 36.4 × eighteen × 48.5mm, with a battery weight of 54G, the atrac3plus technology supports 64/48kbps encoding/decoding, and can reach a compression ratio of up to 1/20. This MD can be matched with a variety of memory stick duo cards. When recording in 256MB and atrac3plus/48kbps mode, it can record for up to 11 hours and 40 minutes

nw-m stone was officially put into production in March 2015. Why is the maximum bandwidth of s70d at 20h? What are the reasons? Z-20khz (when atrac3/105kbps is used), the maximum output power is 5MW × 2. Provide 8 scale modes from bass to treble. In terms of playback, using ATRAC3 mode can play for about 33 hours, using atrac3plus is about 28 hours, and the charging time is about 90 minutes

this product comes with sonicstage 1.5 software. The 64mb/128mb version of the product will be available on February 10 next year. The specific sales price is not clear

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