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Sony and apple have led a new revolution in display technology in the OLED market.

looking back on the coming 2017, China's color TV industry has never been so dramatic as this year: against the background of a slight downturn in overall sales, a tide of consumption upgrading sweeping the country is reversing the trend of the color TV industry: OLED TVs, as high-end representatives, have sprung up, and the annual compound growth rate is expected to reach 100%, It has become the new product category with the highest growth rate in the whole industry

technology giants are betting on OLED technology

with the improvement of upstream and downstream industrial chains and the continuous maturity of technology, OLED has become the new favorite of major technology giants. In September this year, Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone x, which has caught the appetite of global consumers, was officially released. One of the most important reasons why this iPhone X has attracted much attention is the adoption of OLED screens. Samsung's latest flagship S8 also uses OLED full screen. Compared with the traditional LCD screen, OLED can not only make the product thinner, but also the color is more vivid and full than the traditional LCD screen. The giants have successively carried this "future display technology" on their flagship products, which has also rapidly promoted the popularization of consumer education in the OLED market

oled TV market is developing rapidly

and a similar situation is also being staged in the color TV industry. In the past few years, although many brands have vigorously promoted OLED TV, its market penetration rate has been unsatisfactory. It was not until the strong return of Sony, the brand that launched the world's first OLED TV, in 2017 that this situation was truly changed. Sony has fundamentally released the potential of OLED by taking advantage of its inherent advantages in OLED dark field, color gamut and dynamic display effect. The flagship OLED product A1 launched this year also makes consumers intuitively feel the difference of "future technology". Therefore, once it was listed except Tangshan, which fell by 10 yuan/ton, it accounted for more than 30% of the domestic OLED market, and 65 inch A1 ranked first in the OLED TV sales list

from the perspective of brand lineup, at the beginning of 2016, there were only five global OLED TV manufacturers. By 2017, with the re-entry of Sony, which is famous for its "black technology", the overall OLED camp has also been booming. In addition to a small number of high-end brands such as Metz in Germany and bnag & Olufsen in Denmark, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong and other domestic brands that are strong in establishing and improving the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment are also competing to promote OLED TVs. The emerging brands and products also accelerate the rapid transformation of consumers' cognition to recognition of OLED technology. In short, a golden age of OLED TV has arrived

in terms of product form, OLED's inherent technological advantages also fully expand the physical form of display products, from Sony's "screen sound field technology", to LG's "wallpaper TV", and then to Skyworth and other brands' technology follow All of them let consumers see more subversive products and innovative experiences. Taking Sony A1 as an example, it makes full use of the characteristics of OLED flexible display and innovatively makes sound directly through the screen, so as to provide users with the experience of "audio-visual integration" that is difficult to achieve in any previous products

in terms of sales performance, while China's color TV market has experienced a "roller coaster" development, OLED TV has drawn a beautiful upward line. According to the AVC monitoring data of ovicloud, the measurement surface diameter of 20mm-100mm needs to be matched with the surface support ring. In 2017, the retail scale of OLED TV maintained a high-speed growth every month, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 100% in seven months, including a year-on-year increase of 239% in October. At the same time, Ovi cloud also predicts that OLED TVs will continue to rise strongly in 2018, and the sales volume of China alone is expected to increase by 300%, greatly exceeding the sales volume of laser TVs and qled TVs, becoming the biggest winner in the medium and high-end consumer market of color TVs

2018ces expects more disruptive OLED products to come out

with the launch of flagship products such as Sony A1 and Apple iPhone x, the "full outbreak of OLED" has become an indisputable fact. As for 2018, will OLED bring us more innovative products? What kind of TV products will the OLED giant led by Sony consolidate its leadership in this golden age? Will there be any subversive black technology or audio-visual experience similar to Sony A1, such as "screen sound field technology" and "audio-visual integration"? In a few days, the 2018 CES war will begin. Tepex is a material they are particularly proud of. Let's wait and see

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