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Sony TV defeated and left its competitors

"three years ago, when others competed to sell TVs for 3000 yuan, someone asked me why you Sony wanted to pay 30000 yuan for TVs. I don't think anyone will ask that now, and the facts have proved that our persistence is correct!"

-- Xie Biao, President of Sony (China) Co., Ltd.'s consumer electronics business headquarters

in 2017, when the black TV industry as a whole was in a downturn, Sony's TV business in China welcomed good news, with its annual business share increasing by 30%. This performance improvement is closely related to the A1 series OLED TV released on CES a year ago

according to zhongyikang data, Sony's share in the OLED market reached 34% in the eight months (April to December) after A1 was officially launched in 2017. The high-end strategy that Sony adheres to is also effective. In the 65 inch market and the market share of models with more than 10000 yuan, it leads the market. Kogi Ichiro, President of Sony visual products, admitted that such market performance means that Sony has defeated and left its competitors

on the just concluded ces2018, Sony TV has launched new products in two major technical fields, namely, OLED TV a8f series and LCD TV x9000f series. But what is more remarkable is that Sony has released a new generation of image processing chip X1 ultimate, whose real-time processing capacity is twice that of X1 advanced (image processing chips of A1 and z9d). Although no products have been sold with this chip due to time reasons, the image quality effect has definitely improved significantly by watching the 8K HDR content displayed by the 8K display screen equipped with X1 ultimate image processing chip after real-time processing. In particular, with Sony's unique backlight technology on the LCD panel, the peak brightness of HDR picture is as high as the theoretical maximum of 10000 nits

under the background of the launch of two new models and "big moves" in the future, Sony is full of confidence in its TV business in China. Takahashi Yang, chairman and President of Sony China, hopes that in 2018, how can Sony TV business choose a reassuring data pulling machine? The data tensile machine can test the continuous high-speed growth of the tension, contraction, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension (additional extensometer is required) of various metal and non-metallic materials

talking about Sony TV's competitive strategy in 2018, Xie Biao said that competition is always dynamic, but Sony's market decision has never been to defend against a competitor. The real core of competition is whether the value of products can be accepted by consumers. From 2015 to now, Sony's competitive strategy has been to provide consumers with high value-added products and services and promote the market forward. This also poses new challenges to the brand, product quality and market strategy. The strategy of attracting customers with "low price" and "cost performance" in the past has failed. With innovative high value-added products, Sony TV is rapidly seizing a new round of high-end and branded consumption market that is being opened in the world, creating consumer demand for medium and high-quality consumers

in 2018, Sony will continue its high value-added product strategy and further expand its OLED TV product line. Although the absolute number of OLED TVs is still not high, Sony will focus on the level of competition and growth. The space of OLED TVs is still broad for every enterprise

Xie Biao said that Sony's judgment on consumer attributes has not changed in the three years between 15 and 17. The mainstream consumer groups in China are changing, and the post-90s will become the main consumer in the new era. The consumer concept of China's newly rising middle class is constantly converging. Pan Xuezhu, deputy general manager of Guangya aluminum group, said that they have greatly changed the previous generation's consumption concept of pursuing cost performance, and they are more willing to "pay for" good products and technologies

in the future, Sony will continue to design marketing strategies with film enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts and game players as the main target sales groups, and adopt the channel strategy of online and offline cooperation. "These are the most basic strategies, which will not change for 10000 years ", Takahashi Yang said.

it is in recent years that Sony won the favor of high-end users by relying on the improvement of product power when we used the equipment. At the same time, Sony has also been constantly listening to the voice of consumers, rather than blindly high. The new OLED TV product a8f released in 2018 is actually specially designed for consumers who want to use A1 wall hanging. A8f is completely guaranteed with A1 in terms of sound and picture quality At the same level. If the wall mounting method is adopted, the gap between the fuselage and the wall will be only 7cm, which is a great improvement over A1. And Sony engineers also redesigned and adjusted the sound generating unit for the wall mounting mode of a8f

although the newly released x9000f series of LCD is an updated model of x9000e in terms of naming, it is actually an advanced model of x9300/9400e. In addition to using direct backlight control, x9000f is equipped with X1 advanced image processing engine. In addition, there is Sony's newly developed "x-motion clarity?" Mingrui dynamic optimization technology. This technology can ensure a clearer and smoother picture of high-speed motion without losing brightness. For a sports year like 2018, whether it is the world cup or the Winter Olympics, the requirement of watching sports competitions is high-speed and smooth sports pictures. Products such as x9000f can obviously better meet the actual needs of consumers

the products equipped with a new generation of image processing chip X1 ultimate will also be released later. Such a product lineup is enough to make Sony still stand at the peak of the TV industry, so that all consumers watching Sony TV have an unparalleled audio-visual quality experience. Under the background that the flagship model of competing products is "still not awesome", Sony TV will establish a closer relationship with more pursuing consumers

it is true that the TV industry changed rapidly in 2017, and new technologies and trends emerged. Finally, there are many printing temperature time curves, friction force time curves, and friction coefficient time curves. At this CES, AI, 8K and laser TV are all hot spots in the industry. In the face of many "interference items", Sony's strategy is stable but absolutely not conservative. In the face of the surging concept of artificial intelligence, Ichiro Takagi believes that AI is a very broad vocabulary. Specifically, the application of AI in TV is divided into two levels: one is to use AI to optimize the picture, and the other is to use AI to improve the interaction with TV

in terms of image processing, Sony is more concerned about improving the image quality of TV through in-depth learning of artificial intelligence. At the interactive level, Sony pays more attention to the cooperation with other advantageous enterprises. For example, Google smart speakers and Sony have cooperated globally. In the special Chinese market, Sony also has localization solutions

at this CES, the most crowded Sony booth is the extraordinary image quality and dynamic contrast displayed by X1 flagship image processing chip on 8K display screen. Kogi Ichiro said that Sony has a very clear product strategy on 8K. At present, consumers can't see any 8K source, so Sony now focuses on 8K image processing technology, and X1 flagship image processing chip is the technical reserve in this regard. When the time is ripe in the future, it is also natural to launch 8K TV

in the face of the explosion of laser TV in the super large screen market, Ichiro Takagi said that the brightness and resolution of laser TV have not yet reached the level of consumer demand that Sony attaches importance to. Sony showed a short-range laser projection lspx-a1 on CES, which showed that there was a product layout, but it did not make efforts

Takahashi Yang, chairman and President of Sony China, said that China's TV market is special and important. Sony headquarters has also given great support for business expansion in the Chinese market. In the process of new product development in 2018, the Japanese headquarters adopted the opinions of China to a greater extent. In 17 years, when OLED TV supply was tight, products were given priority to the Chinese market. Sony is also committed to localizing more TV products. China is the first market for this new product

under the conditions of top-level products, correct and effective strategies and full attention to the Chinese market. Sony TV's business in China undoubtedly has very good fundamentals, and the market performance will also become the touchstone of everything. Against the backdrop of such a gloomy and gloomy TV market in China, Sony's performance is the most exciting and expected, and will even become the "key gentleman" to reverse the pattern of the entire industry

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