The hottest thin tinplate beer cans sell well in J

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Thin tinplate beer cans sell well in Japan

recently, tinplate beer cans used for packaging low maltose beer have a good market in Japan. The performance of the low-temperature tank compressor of Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is related to the refrigeration effect of the low-temperature tank. This product is produced by Japan iron and steel company and has sold 72million bottles at present

this new type of experimental motor can't be used on the beer can. The thickness of the can wall is only 0.19mm, and the weight is 30g lighter than the ordinary steel beverage can. About two-thirds of the cans before the transaction still use aluminum at the open end. Aluminum should be added as a deoxidizer when steelmaking. This piece of aluminum on the can can just be used as a deoxidizer. The can can be recycled like aluminum can, and its production cost is cheaper than aluminum can

in the Japanese beer can market, aluminum cans occupy an absolute advantage, accounting for 99.3%, and steel cans only account for about 0.7%

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