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About electricity meters and water meters: they actually have such a big difference

the key is to use them right and well. About electricity meters: excluding a few places where the meter box is installed in a high position and where the meter reader needs to climb the ladder, most of the meters stay in the meter box in good order, waiting for the meter reader to visit

about water meters: water meters are different

you can do everything with water meters, such as entering, leaving, centralizing, dispersing, ground, underground, wet, dry, meter box, naked, you know

measuring medium

about electricity: the source of electricity is nothing more than power plants and generators. Excluding that some small distributed power generation devices may be unstable, most of them are soldiers trained by the army, step by step and evenly lead to all parts of electricity consumption

the test bench can run at the speed of 0.001mm/min-500mm/min. About water: water is the surface water and groundwater flying together. The water flowing through the water surface indicates that the baby may be river water, lake water, river water, shallow surface water, deep well water Do you want to guess

and! Although 108 tests have been carried out, due to the water quality, some water meters are prone to valve scaling and on-off valve obstacles

transmission protocol

transmission protocol can be seen in two parts: one is from the meter to the acquisition device, and the other is from the acquisition device to the meter reading software

about electricity: the electricity meter data to the acquisition device is a unified DL/protocol, which is very specific. As long as the protocol is followed, the meters and instruments can be interchanged, and the transmission of the collected data to the meter reading software follows the Q/GDW and then adds the alternating load to carry out the experiment. There is no problem with the interconnection and interworking of the electricity user information acquisition system

about water: the cj-t mechanical fatigue spring testing machine released by the Ministry of construction drives the connecting rod to move back and forth by connecting the cam of the electromechanical and reducer, but the water meter manufacturers have different understandings of the cj-t protocol, and the products also have large and small differences. In addition, when the collected data is transmitted to the meter reading software, there is no unified standard at present, and it is written by the water departments or manufacturers themselves, Therefore, there are certain problems in the data interconnection of different manufacturers and water companies

performance testing

about electric meters: the measurement performance of meters is in the charge of the technical supervision department. The communication protocol of meters will be tested in the national measurement center, and the communication of meters must pass the test certification of the national electricity measurement center

about water meters: at present, there are special technical supervision departments to detect the metering performance of water meters; However, there is no special testing organization for the communication protocol of meters, and the acquisition device (concentrator/collector) is also not managed by the corresponding department

demand difference

about electricity meters: the degree of standardization in the electricity industry is high, the length, width and height are determined, and the installation method and environment are basically determined. It is probably like this:

about water meters: water meters require various pipe diameters according to different customer needs; Different installation methods; Different water quality; Different display modes; Different materials; Different remote transmission types

power supply

the water meter can be divided into battery power supply, M-BUS power supply and RS485 power supply. In order to ensure the service time of the battery, it must be designed with low power consumption and moisture-proof design, so as to reduce the self discharge consumption of the battery after being damp; And the electricity meter supplies power for the city electricity, guarding the base camp, which is relatively capricious

in fact, there are more differences between electricity meters and water meters, from the large industrial environment, to the perfection of the industrial chain, to the specific manufacturing and testing standards. It is believed that we cannot directly define good or bad according to the perfection of the industrial chain, and the two industries must have something that can be used for reference and complementary to each other

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