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Thin film photovoltaic glass power generation will be built in Optical Valley

have you ever seen an office building with walls that can generate electricity—— Whether it's sunny or rainy, or midsummer or winter, the outer wall of the building can generate light-sensitive power. In May next year, the first photovoltaic power station in our province will be built in Optical Valley, with an annual power generation of 1.8 million kwh, enough to maintain nearly 3 years. The annual electricity demand of the 60000 square meter industrial park. Yesterday, this newspaper exclusively visited the photovoltaic power station under construction to reveal the mystery

office in the utility external wall power generation building

at 3 p.m. yesterday, in Wuhan Rixin technology photovoltaic industrial park located on Guanshan 1st Road, the front door of a newly completed building was all covered by glass curtain walls. According to the staff, these curtain walls are photovoltaic power generation devices. We can see that the glass curtain wall is made up of pieces of glass with an area of about 1 square meter. The dark blue and black areas are composed of palm sized monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels, while the dark brown area is a whole photovoltaic panel

the staff said that a total of four power generation buildings will be built in the industrial park, mainly for the company's office buildings, workshops and research institutes. The outer walls, roofs, doors and windows of these four buildings will be paved with glass curtain walls. According to the different angles of the walls and roofs, monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels or thin-film hollow solar photovoltaic glass will be used to absorb solar power

magic thin-film photovoltaic panels can generate electricity in rainy days

dark brown photovoltaic panels have been a major "highlight" of the power station in Rixin science and technology photovoltaic industrial park in recent years. Their scientific name is "thin-film hollow solar photovoltaic glass" (referred to as thin-film photovoltaic panels). Unlike ordinary photovoltaic power generation, which must rely on sunny sunshine, thin-film photovoltaic panels can also achieve photosensitive power generation in rainy days

the staff said that ordinary monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels cannot convert light energy into electric energy in rainy days or when the sun cannot shine. Thin film photovoltaic panels can induce astigmatism and reflected light, and can also generate electricity in rainy days or winter when the temperature is between -40 ℃ and -80 ℃

progress the power station will be completed in May next year

it is understood that the four power generation buildings will be basically completed in May next year, and the power generation capacity will be 1.6 million a year - 1.8 million kwh will be developed into the coexistence of various control modes (equivalent to the total annual consumption of 1000 households of three in Wuhan, there will be many problems), which is enough to maintain nearly 3. The annual electricity demand of the 60000 square meter industrial park, and the excess electricity will also be transmitted to public electricity. The effective service life of the power generation device is 20 years, and it will not be affected by strong winds, ice and snow and other bad weather during this period. This photovoltaic power station is currently the largest solar photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) and power generation project in China, and is listed as a project funded by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of construction and the Ministry of finance. The integration of solar photovoltaic building is to "integrate" solar energy technology with glass curtain walls, skylights, sunshades, etc., and use the collected solar energy to generate electricity. A positive and negative junction box is connected behind each glass, and the electric energy converted by the photovoltaic panel is stored in the battery through the corresponding control system, and then connected to the items that need electricity in the industrial park. At the same time, it will be connected to Wuhan's domestic power through the conversion device. If there is any excess power, it will be transmitted to Wuhan's domestic power

the cost is high, and the promotion of photovoltaic power generation will take time.

"the promotion still depends on the development of time." Rao zhangkun, head of Wuhan Rixin marketing department, said that although the company's industrial park is currently the largest solar photovoltaic building integration (BIPV) and power generation project in China, the promotion of this project still needs time to test

Rao zhangkun said that taking the thin-film hollow solar photovoltaic glass with the best photosensitive performance as an example, the cost per square meter is about 2000 yuan. If ordinary enterprises simply consider the economic account, they usually don't use this kind of glass as the outer wall or roof, and the scale is too small, and the power generation can't meet the demand. If they want to adopt it on a large scale, they need to invest a lot at one time. At present, The company received almost no orders in Hubei Province

although the cost is high, Rao zhangkun is still confident that Haier officially released the "cleaning free" washing machine project developed after six years. He believes that thin-film photovoltaic glass breaks through the limitations of photovoltaic panels relying on sunlight for power generation in the past. At the same time, it has a long service life, is not easy to be damaged by external forces, and is a clean energy. After one-time investment, it can be used for a long time. Some large residential areas or large industrial parks can consider installing this device

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