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Thin film solar cell flat Shenghui sharp shocked the world by expanding its production capacity by 12 times

according to Taiwan media reports, sharp suddenly became arrogant and wanted to increase its production capacity by 12 times a year. It is like a heavy bomb dropped, causing a lot of excitement in the solar industry

a few days ago, foreign reports said that sharp would spend more than 10billion yen to expand the production capacity of thin-film solar cells, and add thin-film capacity to its current crystalline silicon solar energy production center, Gecheng plant, from the current annual capacity of only 15mwp to 200mwp in 2008, with an annual increase of 12 times the capacity. The same plant also has crystalline silicon solar cells with an annual capacity of more than 700mwp

sharp said that he was optimistic about the development of thin-film solar cells, so he actively invested. According to the industry, sharp's move is not only optimistic about the future development potential of this field, but also to balance the growth stagnation caused by the shortage of polycrystalline silicon in the crystalline silicon field. Sharp's own layout in the field of solar energy is based on traditional crystalline silicon solar energy, amorphous silicon thin film solar energy and concentrating type 4 Click the pendulum button. If the pendulum has no news or the speed increases slowly, it should often inspect and measure the main hydraulic oil. Gallium arsenide solar energy is mainly used

but how do we choose it like we set up this production line 1 in the prototype stage? 1. The following is the selection criteria: due to the divergent views of the market on the future development of the film market, sharp's move to significantly expand production has attracted extensive discussion

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