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Easy to open thin-layer package

patent name easy to open thin-layer package patent applicant Pegasus sewing machine manufacturing Co., Ltd. main applicant address: Osaka, Japan inventor Morimoto Jiacheng application (patent) No 9 application date 2005.04.29 Issuance Date approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.11.09 instruction CD No. d0545 main classification No. b65d77/30 classification No. b65d77/30 division original application No. priority item 2004.4.30 JP abstract a thin-layer package (P) has the first package (1) and the second package (2). By partially overlapping, the first package body (1) is set on the second package body (2), and the overlapping part (L) is fixed in the double chain stitch sewing machine for sewing. The suture part (d) of the chain stitch forms the part (L). By pulling the sewing end (4a) of the socket thread (4) that forms the suture part (d) of the chain stitch, the suture part (d) of the chain stitch is disassembled from the sewing end, and effective measures are taken in time to make the two packages (1, 2) not believe each other. Let's understand and separate with me. Sovereignty item 1 A thin, especially left-right horizontal layer packaging body for packaging solid parts, which is characterized in that: the first packaging body and the second packaging body are overlapped locally at 050 US dollars/ton), the overlapped part is sewn by chain stitch, and the needle thread and cuff thread are cut at the sewing end of the suture part. International application international announcement entry date patent agency China Council for the promotion of international trade patent and Trademark Office institutional address agent jiangxurong

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