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Lima ERP has been successfully applied in Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.

I Basic profile of Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.

Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group is one of the fifteen key enterprise groups in Anhui Province. Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group. It is a key enterprise in China's automobile industry. It was founded in 1964 and its main products are 5 ton truck, m special bus chassis and bus products. The leading product technology aquatic products have reached the domestic leading level, and the technical level of some bus chassis is synchronized with that of similar international products. Since 1991, the annual production and sales volume has increased from less than 1000 vehicles in 1991 to 37000 vehicles in 1999, and the ranking in the automotive industry has risen from 29th in 1991 to 12th. The sales revenue has maintained an average rapid growth rate of 58% for nine consecutive years. In this month, about 40000 cars have been produced and sold, ranking 11th among the 14 large automobile enterprises in China

II. Background of the implementation of mrpii/erp

since 1992, the company has relied on scientific and technological progress, vigorously adjusted the production structure, greatly improved the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, increased economic benefits year by year, doubled the production and sales volume, and developed the business scale rapidly. However, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous expansion of production scale, it is also obvious that the original management ideas, methods and means of the enterprise can no longer meet the needs of development. The management situation cannot keep up with the economic situation and market demand, which is prominently reflected in the delayed after-sales service, inadequate material supply, inadequate production planning, ineffective cost control and other factors, which have become the main factors affecting the further improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises. In order to gain a foothold in the increasingly competitive market, we must adopt advanced and very effective production management technology to organize, coordinate and control the production and business activities of enterprises. Comprehensively realize the transformation from extensive management to fine management, and to modern management ideas, methods and technical means. We need quality, speed and efficiency. Mrpii/erp is a kind of management thought and processing logic developed to solve the above problems. It is a scientific method for modern management of enterprises. There are many mature MRPII products. Dr. Austin Coffey, a professor of the Engineering Department of Waterford Institute of technology in Ireland and the National University of justice in Thailand, will introduce the hydrogel manufacturing methodology software to the forum audience for each enterprise to choose according to its own enterprise status. However, for each enterprise, it must be combined with the enterprise situation. The product selected by Hefei JAC automobile company is the domestic commercialized software CAPMs, The partner is Beijing Lima Information Technology Co., Ltd. This product is a closed-loop enterprise management information system with plan as the main line in strict accordance with the processing logic of MRPII. The company has strong scientific research and technical strength in the development and application of CIMS system. It has more than 20 years of research, development and implementation history. The mrpii/erp system (CAPMs) independently developed by them takes into account the actual situation of domestic enterprises in many aspects, and is suitable for domestic large and medium-sized enterprises. Each module of the system can operate in correlation; It can also be implemented and operated relatively independently, which provides conditions for us to continuously improve our management level

III. application of ERP in Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Company

1 The scope of application

was implemented in 1998. According to the internal logic of mrpii/erp and the actual needs of enterprises, by September 1999, engineering manufacturing data (EPD), inventory management (INV), sales management (ORD), procurement management (PUR), master production plan (MPS), material requirements plan (MRP), just in time production (JIT), quality management (TQC), workshop task (PAC), workshop operation plan (SFC), equipment management (equ) were gradually implemented, Human resource management (HRM), tool and die management (TOL), comprehensive inquiry (MAG), cost management (CST), etc. In addition, the integration interface between PDM and ERP and e-procurement were implemented in the later stage. Financial management was implemented in the early stage. The implementation of these systems includes all aspects of enterprise management. Moreover, each subsystem operates organically

2. The effect of application

passes through the base and the error decreases with the increase of load; Part 2. The installation of dynamometer is not level. If the installation of dynamometer is not level before and after, the implementation of basic engineering manufacturing data has comprehensively improved the situation that the original departments of the whole company organize data, act independently, and are independent of each other. All definition data are uniformly organized and managed, and are no longer limited by the division of labor of departments. There is only one source of basic data, which is shared by all departments and application fields. It has achieved the standardization and standardization of enterprise information management

the establishment of the inventory management system has reduced the overstock of inventory, controlled the occupation of inventory funds, strengthened the management of key materials, and eliminated the lack of production materials through the analysis of inventory overstock, overstock, inventory, ABC and other means. The accurate dynamic inventory data of 34 warehouses in the company provides effective information for production planning in addition to low speed. At the same time, using the method of virtual inventory, we can timely grasp the products at all distribution points across the country to provide customers with technical support and solution inventory of TPE products

the coordinated operation of various systems of sales, supply, production plan and inventory. The sales plan guides the master production plan, generates the material demand plan according to the consumption quota, and generates the material purchase list after material balance calculation of inventory data and purchase contract. It effectively shortens the preparation cycle of the plan and improves the planning and accuracy of material procurement. Through the e-procurement function, the purchase list is sent to dozens of supporting manufacturers, which solves the timeliness and accuracy of the supply of relevant supporting manufacturers. It completely solves the contradiction between the shortage of production materials and the overstock of inventory materials

production planning is not only a difficulty in the implementation of ERP system, but also a key point in the implementation. The assembly workshop of JAC Automobile Company (automobile assembly and bus chassis assembly) is assembly line production. After the transformation of the management mode of the production line, it operates completely in accordance with the standard JIT mode. The production plan is made according to the production pace, which improves the utilization rate of the production line; There are two picking methods, plan picking and Kanban picking. BOP is used to calculate the planned picking varieties and quantities, and the picking plan is directly generated into an inventory delivery order. The on-line plan of thousands of varieties of materials is fed twice or four times a day, making full use of the space of the production line. The generated delivery order is automatically posted, which greatly reduces the work intensity of managers; For more than 300 small pieces managed by the order point, the material is fed according to the Kanban method of the inventory direct delivery station, which not only reduces the complexity of the planned feeding, but also improves the timeliness of the feeding. Put an end to the phenomenon of production line downtime

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